Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. In 2021 Earth is 75% water, yet only 3% is freshwater, thats drinkable, unpolluted water that humans and animals need to survive and a large proportion is still tied up in ice caps and deep underground.
At an undetermined point in the near future, our planet has been ravaged by drought, brought on by rising heat temperatures and extreme water shortages due to the debilitating effects of climate change, all that can save us is MW, modified water.

General theory was that the more water evaporated from the seas through global warming would create more rainfall - much of which would fall on land. As well as plants reacting to high levels of carbon dioxide, was predicted to make the world a wetter place. However, as clouds thickened over land due to pollution, trapping humidity, this resulted in less rainfall, leaving the human race gasping for a gap in the clouds. MW scientists developed WATATM centres all over the world. Allowing individuals to harvest humidity and moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere, terraforming our planet once more. Working with nature and technology in symbiosis to eliminate Solastalgia and drought. Operating through a pool of networks connected to ‘the cloud’, WATATM is an app that can be streamed through a smart phone device and uploaded using torrents to share and trade collected moisture. Hydroponic creatures genetically engineered from plants and animals that are drought resistant, have been designed and bred to create hybrid species that can survive a waterless world and produce moisture to be harvested.

This is the future of water on tap.

Gap in The Clouds speculates a future world of genetically engineered water. An AR experience, physicalising the lack of water in that will plague our world in years to come. This simulation digitises the conservation of water for a time when we have run out.