Felicity Morris - Narrative Designer

Setting The Table 

‘Locations, Situations, Experiences’.
The notion of home.
Exploring the significance of furniture within the home.
Beginning with the dining room, as this room holds the most significance within the home, due to it’s communal aspect and the range of events, situations and experiences that occur around this integral piece of furniture and within this room As well as questioning the purpose and meaning of the dining room table within the home. Looking at aesthetics, textures and materials that we associate with different situations and comforts. 

‘Setting The Table’ gives the experience of how the function and perception of the dining room table has changed since the 1940’s/post-war era. Using concepts of self-build and the nuclear family to personify the puzzle pieces to show how the table used to be the center of their home. In a sense I wanted to use building the miniature furniture as a form of distraction to encourage family interaction and almost transport my audience back in time to a period when the dining room table was a locus and brought a family together around it. The underlying interest and wish was to make the dinning room table useful again through interaction and play, effectively through participatory Illustration.


Explored through a ‘series of experiments’, all circling around the same topic. Exploring every aspect of the table and chairs, from the everyday rituals, to the structure, design and function of the furniture. Using workshops and distractions to interact with an audience.