‘Off The Shelf/On The Shelf’
An anthropological approach to the objects within a studio workspace.
Vacuum form on poly plastic with objects intact.

‘Where Is The Exhibition?’ 
Curated studio space

‘Human relationships to objects and spaces’

‘not designed or made to order, but taken from existing stock or supplies’ - Dictionary definition

‘Where Is The Exhibition?’

‘the activities we share in and around objects are embodied in them and that choosing, moving, and placing them are psychological, cognitive, and performative forms of speaking.’ - Haim Steinbach

‘Poof Poof’ is the idea of objects disappearing, within this site specific exploration borrowed objects are specifically curated within the working space.

Giving the objects and the space a different meaning and relationship to those who enter and use them.
'Ontheshelf/Offtheshelf' communication+experience design