Social+Experience Design

Soaps that encourage shared touch and hand washing in public bathrooms
Pink - rose jelly finger squish soap

“toilet etiquette requires that one adopts an attitude that resembles that of the perfectly alone

This ingrained behaviour of ignoring each others natural bodily functions and the use of the space to do them in, is the bizarre bathroom behaviour that this project explores.
Facility, removes the veil between ourselves, each other and the activites of a public bathroom. To begin to dissolve this bathroom behaviour Facility presents a change behaviour. Using an intervention to turn the public bathroom into a shared touching experience through the tactility of soap. Looking at the the social boundaries and rules we all obey, such as the avoidance of eye contact and conversation, a closed off body language and an avert reaction to noise and smell, Facility proposes how to influence and intervene these rules. Activating this space through an intervention that researches the idea that this could no longer be a private cell but now a social centre?
Hand washing is one of the few a shared moments in a public bathroom, that and waiting in a queue. It is still a private action but a shared use of the space to engage in a hygienic necessity. To introduce the notion of sharing this action of tactility and hygiene is one that is met with repulsiveness, a loss of privacy and a juxtaposition to the space and what is known.

Experiments in public bathroom repulsion.