Felicity Morris - Narrative Designer

A developmental series exploring 'homelessness' within the fine city of Norwich.
Within this project I experimented with a lot of film and audio work, focusing on research and field recordings as my main source of collecting information.
Looking at shadows, lighting, shelter, thresholds, transiting points and physco-geographical mapping to create a piece that shines a light on the the prejudice facing the homeless and how quick we are to judge those less fortunate than us. Creating and constructing thresholds and shelters that are temporary homes for the homeless that slowly fade into the light as morning arrives and they are forced to move on. Using audio recordings to show a mapping of judgement and hesitant footing when approaching these areas shows the preconceptions. i decided not to add a title to this piece as it automatically creates a stigma, therefore I wanted the audience to decide on their own their judgement of these areas, and if that judgement surprised them in any way.