Publication Design

This is a collection of research that explores the past, present and future of a.i and how it has been adapted and integrated into our society, is the subsequent move for humans to merge with a.i? Within a.i.r it is explored how a.i has been slowly incorporated as a normality of life. The notion of a.i has become a various aspect of ourselves in every sense of the meaning, but in particular the visual appearance of artificial intelligence and how this effects our relationships towards them. Examining science fiction to compare the concept of a.i to reality, how we approach them, how they are portrayed in film and media to analyse and contrast the absurd possibilities as well as the reality of the situation. Focusing on the concept of uncanny valley to investigate the position of a.i acceptability and standing among humans. Looking at past, current and future developments on this topic to speculate the proceedings of events to unfold.This poses the design question, humankind has integrated a.i into nearly every element of our daily lives…could the next step be too far?
The Book of A.I.R